The Heart Trilogy


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The Valiant Heart

Book 1 of the HEART trilogy

Winner of Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award


A beautiful heiress and pawn of the king . . .

Dispossessed of her lands by the marauding Norsemen, Brienne Beaumanior is brought from cloister by royal decree and offered as a bride to her enemy.

A golden warrior of the North . . .

Sent to escort his father’s promised bride to the Barony of Valsemé, Rurik Atlison finds himself entranced by the dark-haired beauty and his passions set aflame.

Love unexpected, bringing peril to all . . .

Tormented by their desires, Rurik and Brienne resist giving in to their yearnings and endangering their people.

But destiny will not be denied. Their love will burn brightly through all the ages to come as Norse and Frank meld into a new people — the Normans.

The prologue and the first three chapters of the newly revised edition are available as a free download in Kathleen Kirkwood Sampler #2 on the Samplers Download Page.


Original mass market paperback edition, Jove, The Berkley Publishing Group, August 1991.

Winner of the 1988 Carolina Romance Writers Award and the 1989 RWA Golden Heart Award

Nominated for Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award

"Anita Gordon joins the ranks of the finest medieval novelists." ─ Romantic Times (Nominated for the Reviewers Choice Award)

"An exciting confection; I read it with avid enjoyment!" ─ Roberta Gellis, best-selling author of The Roselynde Chronicles

Anita Gordon gives the ring of authenticity to her first Medieval Romance - LaVryle Spencer, NYT Best-Selling Author of Morning Glory

"A rich tapestry of historical detail and human emotions. Exciting and heartrending, touched with warmth and humor. One of the best novels I've read in years!" ─ Rene Garrod, best selling author of Wild Irish Embrace

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