The Heart Trilogy


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The Captive Heart

Book 3 of The HEART Trilogy

A maiden of Normandy, mistakenly abducted . . .
Kidnapped from the ducal palace of Rouen, Ailénor quickly realizes her captors’ mistake and the peril that yet threatens her mother.  As the ruffians smuggle her aboard ship, bound and gagged, and set forth for Ireland, she is desperate to escape . . . unaware her champion is near at hand.

A Saxon lord on a secret mission for his king . . .
No sooner does Garreth of Tamworth arrive in Normandy than he encounters the entrancing scarlet-haired maiden who literally knocks him off his feet. But their stolen moments and budding passions end abruptly when his audience with the Duke concludes badly. As he departs Rouen, little does he realize that the beautiful Ailénor lies hidden aboard, just beneath his feet.

Now only he can save her from family enemies returned from long past, seeking revenge . . .

Yet amid the darkest danger, their all-consuming love is forged . . .


The prologue and the first three chapters of the newly revised edition are available as a free download in Kathleen Kirkwood Sampler #2 on the Samplers Download Page.


Original mass market paperback edition, Jove, The Berkley Publishing Group, September 1995.

"Each sentence is a finely polished jewel. Anita Gordon is a marvelous writer with a rare ability to weave historical research into an action-packed romance." ─ Julie Beard, best-selling author of Lady and the Wolf

"A splendid medieval romance, rich in detail, destined to shine brightly in your memories." ─ Linda Abel, Publisher, The Medieval Chronicle

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