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Amazon US (Kindle)
CreateSpace (Print) $12.99
CreateSpace (NAVH Large Print) $17.99
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    1. Each image of each book cover in the table above is a link to a web page on our site dedicated specifically to that book. Left-click on the image to be taken to the page.

    2. We do not directly sell books. The "BUY" buttons above take you to each vendor's site for each book. You purchase the book directly from them and, in most cases, the eBooks download directly into your reader device. The print books (only available from Amazon or CreateSpace) must be shipped to you. FYI, CreateSpace is an Amazon company, so you're buying from Amazon in either case. However, we make quite a bit more in royalties if you buy from CreateSpace, so please purchase your print books from CreateSpace. Thanks!

    3. The size for the "Print" editions of the books is 5.25" x 8.0" (trade paperback size). They're printed on white paper stock for maximum contrast with the black text.

    4. The size for the "NAVH Large Print" editions is 6.0" x 9.0" (very close to hard back size and the largest size we can use cream-colored paper for) with 16 point type. These books are fairly thick, with the thinnest being about 1.25" and the thickest just over 1.5". They are printed on cream-colored paper to reduce glare, in accordance with NAVH standards.

    5. Bowing to the wisdom of placing all works under a single name, please note that my "Anita Gordon" novels will now appear under the name "Kathleen Kirkwood." Hopefully, this will give the works better discoverability and less confusion for you, dear reader.